Dear Friends,


I tought I might give you an update on were I am on the diet:-)


As always I am going to be honest! Well.... after 40 days I started to feel nausious all the time. A sick feeling of almost wanting the through up, if I saw another vegetable, seafood or liver!!!!


Therefore I slowly startet to cut back on the amount of the diet foods. Instead I took some Chorella pills to replace some of the veggies. Also I replaced the red meat with other proteine rich foods, since I started having stomag problems. The thing is, that when you start to cut back on some things....the hole concept starts shaking!!!


Anyway a vaccation to Greece completely ruined all of my plans for a 60 day TW-diet:-((((


Ofcourse I have been blaiming myself for not keeping my promise to you and to myself! However feelings of blaim is high on the list of causes for MS, so that is out:-)


But why is it, that everytime I try something -it works for a while.....and then it does'nt! After a heavy conversation with myself I have desided that I really need to slow down and let my intuition rule EVERYTHING I DO:-) That also means everything I eat.




For a decade I have been telling my cells: ”This food makes me sick!”....”That food makes me sick!” What have I been thinking??? Ofcourse I will be sick if I am constantly telling my cells (while I'm putting the food in my mouth) -You are going to be sick, when I eat this or that!


So from now on I will only think about the foods that are GOOD for my body. The new thought is: ”Dear cells. The food I'm about to eat will nourish you and fill you with all the vitamins and minerals you need, to be healthy and happy cells! I give you this food because I LOVE YOU and you deserve THE BEST FOODS to keep my body vibrant and strong!:-)”


One thing, I think we forget, is that the cells CAN TALK BACK TO US!


My body consciousness contains all the knowledge that I need for creating a diet that is good for me. I have learned SO much from TW and will continue to use A LOT of her adwise! However I will do so while carefully listening to my body's messages:-) One thing I will take with me is the amount of vegetables I eat on a daily basis -which definately has increased:-)


Now I'm slowly feeling my way back to a diet that contains no meat, flower, sugar and less dairy. Not because I HAVE TO BE CURED but because I want to bless my body with beautiful and healthy foods that I choose. I am feeling much better -most days  I have energy levels around: 5-6. So thats great! Also I started on taking two homeopathic shots a week -this makes me feel SO GOOD!


My best advise at this point: We are all different! So whatever you do -DON'T DO WHAT I DO;-)


Todays words of wisdom:


Every single biology [Human] in the room is different, and now we bring up something that we have not brought up for some time, but you need to hear it. What works for you in health is based almost completely and totally upon your Akashic inheritance. Where did you spent the most lifetimes? Perhaps it was in Asia? Perhaps India or Tibet? Perhaps it was in the Southern Hemisphere? Each of those places and cultures will have had different food, which worked to keep you balanced and healthy. Yet, here you are in the Northern Hemisphere, in this lifetime. What I want you to know is that you are significantly influenced by the kind of diet that you used to have [in your past lives].

Perhaps you were vegan. Perhaps you ate only grains. Therefore, your cells will crave that diet to feel balanced. Do you understand? There are others who come mainly from North America, from Europe, and who never had those kinds of diets from Asia or the south. Therefore, they won't have any trouble at all with the food of the land. Listen: There is no one, generic answer to the question:
"What should I eat for Spiritual health?" There are no "shoulds." Instead, there are good signals from "innate" inside you, which gives insight as to the most healthy things for your own body. In other words, listen to your cells!

Now, why do I mention this? Because you're going to get advice from people on what to eat to correct what's wrong with you as you recalibrate. So I'm going to tell you right now, ignore them. Instead, go inside and let your own Akashic Record tell you what is going to work for you. Don't be surprised if some of you come up allergic to some things you've always eaten. I will tell you: Your biology is recalibrating. This attribute will be necessary for you to move forward, for you to shift to the place where you can be balanced with the most wisdom.

Many of you might not like some processed food, because you're not used to it in your Akash. Do you see what I'm saying? If you're going to pull the Shamanic energy up from the depths of the wisdom that you have learned and walked through over and over through past history, some things are going to come with it - like your balanced diet, for instance - and you're going to have to deal with it. Don't fight it.

Expect these things. They're there for you to see and feel. See them for what they are: recalibration.
"Dear Spirit," you might say, "thank you for this recalibration, for caring enough about me to know that this is where I want to go and what I want to do." Human Being, how you recalibrate now will determine how you will come back in the next life. You won't have to go through this again - ever. Akashic inheritance is far more than the genealogy of those Human Beings you came from [parents]. You know this. An inherited Akash represents those things that you've experienced in all the lifetimes, regardless of your parents' genes. Sometimes, these are the most predominant and heaviest things that you have to deal with. The ones in the chairs listening to my voice are beginning to deal with these things. So that is the other thing: Expect these past things to come forward for clearing.”


Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll January 7th 2012.


To read or hear the entire channeling go to:




Todays Breakfast:-) I love my cells:-)

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10.03 | 02:50

Går du igennem smerte i dit forhold er dette en mulighed for dig at løse det med magten i den store stavekaster Dr.

20.07 | 23:39

Et praktisk spørgsmål; stoppede du med at tage det blodfortyndende medicin efter ballon udvidelsen? Er selv på det efter operationen og så træt nu igen.

22.07 | 17:18

Hej Marie Louise,

Jeg kunne rigtig godt tænke mig at høre hvordan din rejse til Schweiz gik?

Mvh Maja Linding

10.12 | 17:11

Hej Marie Louise!!!
Jeg villle lige spørge dig, hvor finder jeg denne diet? i den originale udgave på dansk. KH Yvonne